Bank Melli
Tehrān, Iran
A three-storey, rectangular building is situated on a narrow site in a main street where neighbourhood buildings maintain a consistent street line. The bank itself is set back from this building alignment, forming a small piazza and presenting two lateral, gable walls to both traffic directions. The roof is characterized by pre-stressed, sky lighted trusses. The main banking hall, located on the ground floor, is covered by a contemporary interpretation of the skylight vaults of traditional bazaars. This space is connected to the upper floor by a central, spiral staircase. The structure has been studied and designed to provide complete flexibility with regard to the interior organization of spaces, and consists of reinforced concrete frame, prestressed concrete roof elements, gabble walls clad with natural stone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Shahreza Street, Tehrān, Iran
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Melli Bank
University of Tehran Branch
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