Jami' al-Muzaffariya
Taizz, Yemen
Commissioned by the Rasulid sultan al-Muzaffar in the second half of the thirteenth century, the Muzaffariyya mosque might once have been a madrasa however today it is the main congregational mosque of Ta'izz. Its masonry walls are plastered white and feature ornamental bands of blind arches and geometrically designed brickwork. They are surmounted by triangular latticed crenellation. The mosque's shallow domes indicate contemporaneous Egyptian and Indian influence.

Organized around a small courtyard, the mosque's interior prayer hall is covered by three large domes and includes three thick arcades that run parallel with the north-facing qibla wall. Together with the columns, the smaller domes create individual bays inside the sanctuary as can be seen in the corresponding images.


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Taizz, Yemen
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1249-1295/646-694 AH
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Mosque of al-Muzaffariyya
Jami' al Muzaffariyya
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