Jami' Mustafa Pasha
Zabid, Yemen
The Complex of Mustafa Pasha, built in 1554, is located approximately half a kilometer outside of Zabid. Once part of the main settlement, it stands alone today. It was commissioned by Mustafa Pasha, the first Ottoman governor in the Tihama region of Yemen following the Ottoman conquest in 1539-40. The mosque is Ottoman in style with a main domed section and a multiple-domed portico; this form differed from local mosques.

The Mustafa Pasha Mosque has twelve domes including a large central dome that sits on an octagonal drum and surmounts the main prayer hall. A five-bay, multiple-domed portico precedes the prayer hall to the south. A high courtyard wall enclosing a minaret with a wide base completes the mosque complex.


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Zabid, Yemen
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1554/962-963 AH
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Mosque of Mustafa Pasha
Jami' Mustafa Basha
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