Doha Zoo
Doha, Qatar
Composed of polygons joined in plan, the main structure is a single storey, convoluted podium which wraps around two courtyards containing a lagoon and a crocodile pool. The lagoon, which has a café projecting into it, is fed by a waterfall cascading over an artificial rockscape constructed in sprayed concrete. Within and around the podium are the air-conditioned animal dens, keeper's service areas, grottoes for nocturnal and reptile exhibits, and a desert zoo area. The zoo, which is open to the public only after sunset, is designed with dramatic lighting effects to enhance viewing. A network of walkways and bridges allows close viewing of the wildlife while providing safety and security. Construction applied is reinforced concrete foundations and frame and suspended floor slabs. Floor slabs and external facades are faced in rubble masonry.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Doha, Qatar
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