Niamey Literacy Center
Niamey, Niger
The Niamey Literacy Center, a governmental organisation which coordinates literacy programmes throughout the country, lies between the old town centre and the new administrative and residential areas.

In order to minimize the extreme climatic conditions, an irregular building envelope which provides greater shading of the façades was chosen. In one section, the offices are organised around an open courtyard, and, in another, smaller and more compact, are located the photography laboratories and other workshops. Separate entrances exist for both parts such that direct access does not exist between the office area and the workshops.

To further reduce heat gain all the windows have been orientated to the north and south and are deeply recessed into the walls. The positioning of the central courtyard helps promote cross ventilation.

Load-bearing walls are made of hollow concrete blockwork with a concrete reinforcement. The roof is a metal structure supporting aluminum decking. The façades are finished with Tyroliari plaster, the final coat of which is pigmented.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Niamey, Niger
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