Burj-i Resget
Resget, Iran
Composed of a simple, unadorned cylindrical chamber and a double dome, this tomb tower belongs to the earlier part of the Seljuk period in Iran. 

The original exterior dome of the tower, lost at some point before photography, was most probably conical such as in other tombs of this period. The entrance to this tower is located on the southeast side of the chamber. 

The decorative elements of the exterior, as had been customary in Seljuk Iranian tomb towers of the same period, are below the dome and above the entrance. Two superimposed rows of projecting V-shaped brackets, roughly articulated by stepping individual bricks, make up the base for the conical roof that once crowned the building. Inserted in the recesses of these brackets are finely carved stucco decorations whose floriated disposition contrasts with the linear language of the brick decoration. Below these two bands is a band of Kufic inscription, carved in stucco and also decorated with floral motifs. 

Above the doorway is another decorative panel executed in stucco that stands out against the red brick. It contains inscriptions both in Arabic and Pahlavi (language spoken by the Sasanids). The co-existence of both Arabic and Pahlavi script connects this tower with two others from the region, Mil-i Radkah and the Tomb Tower at Lajim, and helped the locals identify with the tomb. 

The interior is a simple cylindrical chamber with an elongated dome. 

The tower has recently been restored and a cover in the shape of a conical roof erected over the fragile inner dome.


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About 10 kilometers from Lajim, close to Qa'em Shahr, Resget, Iran
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ca.1106/499 AH
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برج رسكت
Burj-e Resget
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