Agadez Courthouse
Agadez, Niger
This new courthouse was built on a flat site north of the historical town centre of Agadez in the desert-like region of North Niger. The plan for the building was copied from a previously completed project in the city of Arlit where an executed building proved to be very effective.

The one-storey building comprises nine offices and a hall around two inner courts. All rooms open onto this courtyard and are linked by a covered gallery. For protection against the sun, the building is constructed in such a way that no window opening receives direct sun rays. The walls are protected on the inner court side by the peripheral covered corridor. The rooms have false ceilings which are thermically isolated and cross ventilated. The building is distinguished by its double wall structure. The outer wall, obliquely positioned, serves to create an opening between the two walls and hence a chimney effect enhances in natural ventilation.

In its massing, the building is an assembly of rectangular blocks distinguished by full height vertical narrow window openings and protection screens.

It is constructed from hollow concrete blocks, walls with concrete reinforcement beams. profiled roof, and Tyrolean cement finish.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Agadez, Niger
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