Igoudar and Tagadir Hotel Complex
Agadir, Morocco
The construction of these two hotel complexes can be considered as part of the reconstruction of Agadir, as the town's coastal area had been designated for tourist development as early as 1961. The 1961 master plan for the town's reconstruction followed a violent and destructive earthquake. Both complexes are situated near a bay on the Atlantic Ocean and are separated from the beach by the corniche road. A footbridge over the latter road gives access to the beach. Each complex is surrounded by external walls and bounded by streets bearing car traffic. An arcade lined with shops lies to the south-west of the Igoudar hotel

Each hotel includes reception areas, swimming pools and three categories of dwellings: large flats with a kitchen, living and dining areas; self-contained studios; and rooms. All dwelling units are provided with terraces or ground floor gardens. The overall design and layout are inspired from traditional medinas, with 30-40 units grouped in clusters and built on two or three storeys. Rooms on the uppermost floors are domed, whereas reception and communal areas are covered with pyramidal, tiled roofs. A grid system based on a 3.7m module defines the spatial organisation throughout the constructions. A network of footpaths leads to the various areas and dwelling units and culminates in a central pedestrian alley designed in the same axis as the beach. Elevations have been treated with few arched openings and wooden lattice screens, wooden pergolas and internal gardens planted with a variety of trees provide shaded spaces.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Agadir, Morocco
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