Mohy al-Din Residence
Isma'iliya, Egypt
The secondary residence for a couple residing in Germany is located near Mora Lake near Ismailliyya. The clients wished to avoid the current trend of concrete villas, and preferred the use of local, traditional materials on a site planted with mature palm trees. Through a chance meeting with the architect the couple determined on a two-storey villa whose principal spaces comprise vaulted and domed chambers.

On the ground floor are organized public and service areas. The kitchen, dining, and salon spaces communicate with each other by means of arched passages penetrating the walls between them. These spaces face the lake and their area is extended to the exterior by a paved terrace. Bedrooms are located on the upper floor where are also four additional terraces contained by parapet walls.

The interior volumes incorporate seating areas, niches, and storage spaces, and furnishings are minimal. A local carpenter was engaged for the abundant woodwork. The kitchen and sanitary facilities ensure a high degree of comfort and efficiency, and care has been taken to use materials and arrangements requiring little maintenance during the frequent and extended absence of the owners. A containing wall defines the perimeter of the site, which is planted with gardens, and a modest dwelling for the caretaker is located at the entrance.

The construction comprises bearing stone walls on the lower floor laid in cement mortar; above, they are of red brick. The vaults, cross-vaults, and domes are also of red brick, cement-plastered, and were constructed on formwork. The flat sections of roof are re-inforced concrete slabs.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Isma'iliya, Egypt
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Mohy-El-Din Residence
Mohy al Din House
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