Mausoleum of Firuz Shah Bahmani
Gulbarga, India
Located on the eastern outskirts of Gulbarga, the mausoleum of Firuz Shah Bahmani is one of the seven royal tombs constructed for the Bahmanid rulers. Belonging to the Haft Gumbaz (Seven Domes) group of tombs that include those of Mujahid Shah (r.1375-1378), Daud Shah (r.1378), Ghiyath al-Din Shah (r.1397) and Shams al-Din Shah (r.1397), the mausoleum of Firuz Shah Bahmani is the most beautiful.

Firuz Shah Bahmani (r.1397-1422), also known as Taj al-Din Firuz, was the eighth and last of the Gulbarga Bahmanids. He died shortly after losing the throne to his younger brother, Ahmad Khan. His reign was the longest of the rulers included in the Haft Gumbaz group, and his mausoleum appears to reflect that. Influenced by a Tughluq prototype, it has incorporated the sensibilities of regional Bahmanid architecture, especially in the decorative language used.

The mausoleum externally measures (48 by 24 meters) with two domes. From the exterior it appears to be two independent square buildings joined together, with a dome and an entrance for each side, the mausoleum is meant as a single building structure. The walls, including the parapet, are 14 meters high and the hemispherical domes add another ten meters to the total height. There are a total of four entrances, two to the north and south and two windows, one to the east and the other to the west. The external and internal elevation is divided into two tiers, each level formed by a row of double recessed arches. The lower tier has blind arches while decorative stone screens fill in the arches of the upper tier. The interior is divided into two bays that are connected by an arched opening. The dimensions of the bays are reflected on the external façade by the placement of guldustas (ornamental minarets) at cornice level. The base of the tomb is decorated with a foliage motif in relief, while the merlons are shaped in a foliage motif.


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Gulbarga, India
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1422/825 AH
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Tomb of Firuz Shah Bahmani
Mausoleum of Taj al-Din Firuz
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