Raja no Hajiro
Ahmedabad, India
Situated to the east of the Jami Masjid of Ahmedabad, this tomb is architecturally interesting because of the effort made to adapt an indigenous temple building to resemble an Islamic mausoleum. This innovation later served as a model for other buildings in Gujarat. Ahmed Shah, his son and grandson are buried here.

The mausoleum was probably begun by Ahmad Shah (r.1411-1442), the sultan of Gujarat, but was carried to completion after his death by his son Muhammad Karim (r.1442-51). It is an imposing square with projecting porticos at the center of each side. Inside there is an octagonal area around which are four, square rooms. Domes cover all these spaces. The central dome is raised higher by means of taller base.


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Ahmedabad, India
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1442/846 AH
Variant Names
Mausoleum of Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah Rauza
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