Punjab University Mosque
Lahore, Pakistan
The mosque was built to provide religious facilities for the University of Punjab campus. The construction is rectangular in plan and pierced by a large, rectangular central court surrounded by arcades of pointed arches. The entrance hall is to the east, in a rectangular block, and on the court's central axis with the library and the men's ablution area to either side. The minaret is to the far left. Opposite to the entrance and to the other extremity of the court, another volume, rectangular in plan, contains the prayer chamber and two lateral gardens. The prayer chamber is characterized by three identical domes, surmounting individual square volumes which rise from the longitudinally vaulted roof. Three screened, pointed-arch openings are aligned on the square bases of the domes. These openings give onto the courtyard and are likewise mirrored on the opposite, exterior façade. The overall construction is formally characterized by the use of repetitive prefabricated elements, such as screenings and arch units coupled with brick masonry panels. The minaret is constituted entirely of a R.C. frame, perforated to form open square grids. It is constructed from R.C. frame and arches, brick domes and brick masonry infill.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Lahore, Pakistan
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Completed 1974
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