Chhota Katra
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chhota Katra is located on Hakim Habibur Rahman Lane and is 600 feet east of the historic Bara Katra caravanserai. Commissioned by Nawab Shaita Khan, the plan of this caravanserai is very similar to that of the Bara Katra but is on a much smaller scale.

It has two monumental gateways. The gateway overlooking the riverside is three storeyed with the frontal arch rising to the second storey. The second gateway is only two storeys high. An interesting account of a small mosque that may have once existed within the serai is found in Charles D'Oyly's "The Antiquities of Dhaka". He says: "Its minarets rise somewhat like the shafts of elegant octagonal columns, and are terminated by capitals of oriental foliage and fruit. The base of a large round column, which is placed beside the entrance, has a light, singular, and fanciful effect, seeming to stand as if on a vase. The dome is beautifully fluted".

The entire complex has been heavily mutilated by encroachments and as a result very little of its original architecture remains. Even the majestic gateways, though still intact, have suffered much deterioration and reflect none of their past grandeur. 

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Hakim Habibur Rahman Lane, Chawk Bazaar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Constructed 1663/1073 AH
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