Qubbat Ibrahim Khalifa Guindian
Cairo, Egypt
Ibrahim Agha Mustahfizan originally constructed this tomb for himself, but it was later dedicated to one of his officers who died in 1655/1065 AH, by which time Ibrahim Agha had already constructed a finer mausoleum for himself within the precincts of the nearby Aq Sunqar mosque. The facade has two bays and a portal that is significantly sunk into the ground. The stone dome is high but simple, and set on fine squinches internally. The mihrab is offset about 30 degrees to compensate for the difference between the geometry of the street, and the qibla orientation. Two marble cenotaphs under the dome are also set to this angle.

The tomb is unique in that it stands on the street by itself, without being attached to a religious building. Its entry corridor gives access to the sabil under the adjacent house, both also built by Ibrahim Agha.

The Index of Monuments dates the tomb to 1593/1001 AH, though Behrens-Abouseif cites a cenotaph inside the tomb that indicates the date as 1642/1052 AH.


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Shari' al-Darb al-'Ahmar, Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
date in Index of Monuments, 1592-93/1001 AH
alternately dated 1642/1052 AH
Style Periods
Variant Names
Qubbat Ibrahim Khalifa Guindian
Madfan Ibrahim Agha Juindian
Ibrahim Agha Juindian Mausoleum
Qubbat Ibrahim Agha Juindian
Mausoleum of Ibrahim Agha Guindian
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