Abguineh Museum
Tehrān, Iran
This 19th century Qajar mansion is two-storey high and displays a mixture of classical Rococo, Art Nouveau, and Persian features. The building assumes a rectangular overall shape and and entrance porch surmounted by a balcony in its center. On both floors, the rooms are arranged on either side of a circular stairwell. Due to the additional floor loads, the galleries overlooking the centrall hall were reinforced by means of columns. The richly decorated interior walls were kept untouched in most cases and show-cases, designed by the architect with built-in lighting systems were placed in the center of some rooms. In a few instances, structural changes were inevitable and existing spaces were therefore transformed. Most fireplaces were kept in place although they are no longer used for heating purposes.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tehrān, Iran
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Variant Names
موزه آبگینه
Muzah Abginah
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