Ngaoundere University
N'Gaoundere, Cameroon
The campus occupies a rectangular plot of land over the length of which extends a pedestrian axis linking the buildings along it. A main road brings vehicular traffic to a parking lot at the entrance of the campus indicated by a plaza with two university blocks. From the plaza, the pedestrian road commences as the main axis extending to the opposite end of campus and terminating in a large pool. The university buildings surrounding the plazas consist of two-storey pavilions linked by galleries and gardens. Each of the pavilions is organised around a courtyard. The architectural design and conception is inspired by the traditional layout of North Cameroon Sare villages. All the buildings have a pyramidal double roof with a ventilated zone following the roof slope and leading to a large, crowning, roof vent. The construction is reinforced concrete frames with hollow block infill capped by steel frame roof and aluminium sheeting.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
N'Gaoundere, Cameroon
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