Cherating Club Mediterranee
Cherating, Malaysia
The site is located on the east coast of Malaysia. It extends along two private beaches and part of he public beach of Cherating. A range of low, densely vegetated hills separate the site from the neighbouring villages and the highway. The programme consists of a 600-room tourist complex organised in a village-like layout. This layout is based on a staggered, linear organisation along which groups of buildings are interconnected by open corridors. The buildings are located on both sides of the central communal activities area. The focus of these facilities is the swimming pool, around which the restaurants, lounges, theatre and shops. The staggered pattern of the 2-3 storey bedroom blocks aims to recreate the irregular appearence of nearby villages. The main floor level is raised on stilts to improve ventilation and viewing while at the same time maintaining the natural vegetation. Generous roof eaves provide shade and protection against heavy rains. The composite construction system is of timber columns, beam trusses, and concrete columns and beams with stained timber boarding on the external facades and clay tiles on the pitched roofs.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Cherating, Malaysia
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Cherating Club Mediterranee
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vacation village/resort