Prototypical Dormitories
Tripoli, Libya
The project seeks to develop two prototypical dormitories for high school students throughout Libya. The first type is a two-storey building for students aged 12-15. It is composed of a series of rooms, each accomodating six students, with an enclosed balcony, arranged around a central hall. The second type is for students aged 15-18. It is also designed around a central hall, this three-storey space serves as a lounge for the students. Clusters of rooms extend from the hall on three sides. Each cluster contains four-six rooms entered from a central corridor. Each room is designed as a sleeping alcove for four students.

The structure is reinforced concrete with cement block infill. Walls are finished with sprayed cement plaster and gypsum. Local wood shutters are used on the windows.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tripoli, Libya
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