Masjid Abu al-'Ila
Cairo, Egypt
Constructed by Ibn al-Qanish al-Burullusi, this mosque is dedicated to Shaykh Husayn Abu 'Ali, of which Abu a-'Ila is a corruption. The shaykh died and was buried in the mausoleum shortly after 1485. Extensive alterations made to the building in the nineteenth century left of the Mamluk monument only the mausoleum, entrance bay, east wall, and minaret are original. Still, it is an interesting place to visit because it is a spacious and well-tended shrine, and its colorful ornamentation indicates how many mosques of the period looked originally. The local population continues to visit the saint, whose baraka, or blessing, and intercession are still very important in their lives.


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Shari' 26, Bulaq, Cairo, Egypt
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1490/896 AH
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Variant Names
Abu al-'Ila Mosque
Masjid al-Sultan Abi al-'Ila
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