Murad Pasha Caravanserai Restoration
Ma'arrat al-Nu'man, Syria
The one-story, flat-roofed building is square in plan with a smaller, rectangular extension to the west. The main entrance is marked by a portal, located to the south. The interior is centered on a large square courtyard with a house for the poor situated in the middle and a mosque immediately behind. An arcade around the courtyard perimeter separates it from the surrounding rooms and halls. The complex also comprises public health baths, a bakery and a market. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

*APSA2011 (Association for the Protection of Syrian Heritage) report site destroyed 17 June 2015.

Ma'arrat al-Nu'man, Syria
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destroyed 17 June 2015
1565, restored 1985
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Khan Murad Pasha
Murad Pasha Caravanserai
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