Grande Mosquée de Mopti
Mopti, Mali
The Great Mosque of Mopti is situated in the neighborhood of Komoguel, near the northern end of the old colonial city. It was constructed between 1933 and 1935 on the site of an older, smaller mosque.

The mosque comprises a rectangular prayer hall, whose long sides are aligned with the qibla (east). Its exterior walls are richly decorated. On the long east facade, a central tower marks the mihrab and two side towers of slightly shorter height flank this central tower. Between them, the wall is articulated with soaring buttresses at regular intervals, and the north and south ends of the facade feature corner towers. The west facade (opposite the qibla) has precisely the same configuration, except that a door opens on the walls on each side of the central tower, between it and the two side towers. The shorter north and south sides of the mosque feature a central portal with two doors set within a frame that rises slightly higher than the height of the walls and terminates with five pinnacles resembling battlements. On either side of this central portal, between it and the ends of the wall, three buttresses spaced at regular intervals break up the facade.

The interior of the prayer hall comprises four transverse aisles divided by three rows of seven piers. A stairwell in the northwestern corner of the hall gives access to the roof.


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Mopti, Mali
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530 square meters (area); 17 m (height of tower)
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Great Mosque of Mopti
Mosquée de Mopti
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