Ain Baghze Development
Kuwait City, Kuwait
The dwelling clusters, consisting of groups of 40 to 50 units, are serviced by U-shaped residential streets. This basic organisation has been used throughout the entire settlement. Each dwelling cluster is provided with a mosque and communal services (recreation, schools, etc.). Access to the dwellings is from major distributor roads, on the periphery, which lead to residential service streets. Traffic segregation is achieved by means of pedestrian passage-ways which link a series of green areas, the mosque and the communal facilities. Ample parking places are provided adjacent to communal areas.

The house units, available in five basic types, are entirely or partially two-storey and are either semi-detached or terrace houses. All are provided with individual garages and private front and back gardens. Variations on the standard cluster, with regard to making individual housing units more easily identifiable, have taken into account road design and overall aesthetic.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Kuwait City, Kuwait
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