Bagh-e-Eram Students Residences
Shiraz, Iran
The main one-to-two storey building is lined with an arcade and features a succession of volumes housing various activities. On the building's western end is the gymnasium with its pitched roof, in the central part is the flatroofed theatre with its tower-like volume containing stage equipment. The restaurant lies on the eastern part of the building. A common entrance leads to the sports halls and the theatre, while the side and rear entrances give access to the restaurant. The rectangular dormitory blocks are arranged on an axis running 45 degrees off that of the main building's southern facade. Yellow bricks, recalling those used in the neighbouring Bagh-e-Eram Palace, clad the façade throughout the campus.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Next to Bagh-i Eram Palace, Shiraz, Iran
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Variant Names
Bagh-e-Eram Students Residences
Bagh-i Eram Dormitories
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dormitory / hostel