Qasr al-Kathiri
Say'un, Yemen
The Palace of the Sultan at Say'un is a grand, multi-storied mud brick structure that is elevated on a wide rectangular platform terrace. It is located adjacent to the historic center of Say'un and overlooks the city markets (suqs). This palace was constructed by the nineteenth century for the former Kathiri Sultan of Say'un, who remained in power until the fall of royal sovereignty in 1967. Four round towers are embedded at the four corners of the building. Its whitewashed walls have pale blue window accents. Its cornices are accented with diamond-patterned parapets.

The palace was renovated in the twentieth century and functions today as a museum.


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Say'un, Yemen
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1516-1517/922 AH; restored 1857-1858/1274 AH; renovated 20th c./14th c. AH
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Palace of al-Kathiri
Qasr al Kathiri
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