Dhaka Railway Station
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka Railway Station is the central railway station in DhakaBangladesh. The station is the largest in the country and the most important terminal for transportation between Dhaka and the rest of Bangladesh. It is also one of the most modern and striking buildings in Dhaka designed by American architect Robert Boughey. The railway station situated in the north-east side of Motijheel, was established in early 1960's and started its operation from 1969.

Robert Boughey, the architect, maintained a consistency in architectural vocabulary, technical excellence and aesthetics in his creatives, concrete frame structures and its honest expression through ribbon window, non-load-bearing partition walls and cantilevered veranda as are some examples that characterized Boughey’s design. An inter-marriage of spatial and structural innovation culminated in his designs for the station, which is remarkable for the open petal shaped canopy unifying a number of otherwise disjointed buildings an innovative expression through architectural forms. The station has a lotus-shaped shell structure unifying all the spaces underneath.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Operational 1969
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Kamalpur Railway Station
Dhaka Kamalpur
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