National Botanic Garden
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh National Herbarium make up the largest plant conservation center in Bangladesh, with an area of around 84 hectares (210 acres). It is located at Mirpur in Dhaka, beside the Dhaka Zoo. It was established in 1961. It is one of the important botanical gardens of Bangladesh, a knowledge center for nature lovers and botanists and a tourist destination. The herbarium has a scientific collection of approximately 100,000 preserved specimens of plants.

The garden is well planned and provides learning and recreational
facilities adjacent to the Zoo. It is divided into 57 sections, and is managed
by Forest Department under Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of

The garden houses about 56,000 individual of trees, herbs, and
shrubs including huge collection of aquatic plants. Many exotic plants have
been introduced in the garden and are routinely propagated under the local
climatic conditions. Rare and exotic plants of 60 species are found in the
garden A modern vegetative propagation arrangement and a tissue culture
laboratory have been established in the garden for propagation of rare species.
Initially, tissue culture of orchids and other rare species have been adopted.
Besides, a huge rose garden, criss-crossing lake, watch deck, artificial water
fall, bridge over the lake and above all the thousands of migratory birds in
winter are the main attractions of the National Botanical Garden.

Source: National Botanic Garden website

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Established 1961
84 acres
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