Turkish - Japanese Cultural Centre
Ankara, Turkey
The building is situated in the southern part of the city and is used by the Turkish-Japanese Foundation as a meeting place, an administrative base, and an arena for cultural exchange. A central courtyard greets visitors and leads them to the restaurants, guest-rooms, shops, exhibition hall, and sports hall, as well as to the training/administrative areas that include offices, classrooms, a seminar room, a meeting hall for 400, and a library. Materials used for construction comprise reinforced concrete, natural stones (granite and local andesite), wood, aluminium, glass, and ceramic tiles.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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Website of the Turkish-Japanese Foundation. http://www.tjv.org.tr/. [Accessed January 11, 2007]
Ferit Recai Ertugrul Street, Or-An City, Ankara, Turkey
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Türk Japon Vakfı Kültür Merkezi
Turkish-Japanese Foundation Cultural Center
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