Media Centre
Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
A new complex built for media and television broadcast, and used by 450 full-time staff members. Designed to be highly efficient with regard to land, water and energy use, the building is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to make use of solar photo-voltaic electricity (deriving energy from sunlight). Other energy saving devices include natural ventilation, well planned light shafts, vegetation for shading, and timber taken from eco-forestry . The majority of builders were recruited locally and unusually many female consultants were hired to work on the project.

The building is the international headquarters of Worldview International Foundation (WIF) and is also used by Worldview Global Media (WGM Ltd.), Young Asia Television (YATV) and Worldview Sri Lanka.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
713, D.P Wijesinghe Mawatha Pelawatte, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
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Completed 2001
Variant Names
Media Center
Worldview International Foundation (WIF or W.I.F.) Headquarters
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