Ankara Palas Hotel Restoration
Ankara, Türkiye
Ankara Palas was constructed in 1927 as a residence for state assembly members. It is a stone masonry building with rich decoration and is considered an early example of the Turkish Nationalist style. It consists of a two-storey symmetrical and pitched roof building with a central entrance surmounted by a dome and flanked to either side by a tower.

The project transformed this deserted building into the state guest house. The programme includes a reception hall, a banquet hall, a tea hall, 38 guest rooms, and three suites. The main elevation was altered slightly with the introduction of an arched opening above the balcony.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ankara, Türkiye
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Associated Names
1927, restored 1983
Variant Names
Ankara Palas Oteli
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