Orient-Occident Foundation Library
Rabat, Morocco
A three-storey library, situated on a 3000-metre terrain in a suburb of Rabat, designed to accommodate 200 people. The structure rests on pillars of reinforced concrete, with local materials used for the interior. The library's reading room contains 20,000 volumes as well as Internet access and can be converted into a multi-purpose room for debates, film projections and concerts. An IT training room and several offices are located on the upper level. Many of the neighbourhood's young people frequent the library, which has in effect become a cultural centre with 1,200 full-time members.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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Official Website of the Orient-Occident Foundation. http://fondation.leguide.ma/. [Accessed January 16, 2007]
Rabat, Morocco
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