Borusan Exhibition Centre
Istanbul, Türkiye
The exhibition centre is located within Parkorman, an multi-purpose entertainment complex situated at the edge of the Fatih Forest in the northern suburbs Istanbul and used by the Borusan Company. It is used as a training facility, design and art exhibition area, seminar space, and party venue. The building is located amidst trees, so that walls and floors converge at sharp perspectives. Built in six weeks, the structure is made of steel and wood, with glazed facades. A metal ramp leads onto the roof, creating a terrace and additional exhibition space. Several swimming pools, restaurants and spas are also provided for public use.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Maslak Neighborhood, Istanbul, Türkiye
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Borusan Parkorman Aktivite Merkezi
Exhibition Center at Park Orman
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