Visitors Centre of Tanarimba
Janda Baik, Malaysia
Situated in Tanarimba near Janda Baik, an environmentally sustainable residential development at the foothills of the main range in peninsular Malaysia, this timber and stone building is used as a venue for conferences, cultural activities, and private receptions. Constructed by local craftsmen, the building is made entirely out of recycled timber (Honduran pine) and stone collected during earthworks, and boasts a 36-foot ceiling supported by pine trunks that are used as columns. Other materials include reinforced concrete footing for the foundation, glass, and local clay tiles for roofing.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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Website of Tanarimba Development. [Accessed January 18, 2007]
Janda Baik, Malaysia
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Tanarimba Visitor Center
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