Udayan - The Condoville
Kolkata, India
This public/private partnership project provides a total of 1,594 housing units spread across the social spectrum: 264 low-income, 624 middle-income, and 706 high-income. It is based on the principle of cross-subsidy, which allows a lower buying price for lower incomes because costs are distributed over the whole system rather than being calculated in a fragmented way. In addition to housing, the complex contains a marketplace and community centre, shops and offices. The construction uses locally available bricks and reinforced concrete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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"Udayan, The Condoville." Bengal Ambuja Website. http://bengalambuja.com/housing/completedprojects.shtm#Udayan. [Accessed December 20, 2006]
off Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata, India
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