Emergency Shelter in Earthquake Affected Areas
Nahrin, Afghanistan
The project demonstrates that it is possible to implement a large-scale, cost-effective emergency shelter programme in a relatively short time, while simultaneously integrating seismic preparedness and mitigation activities by training communities, artisans and local organisations. Permanent shelters for 5,000 families - 30,522 people - were constructed in only five months following the March 25, 2002 earthquake in the Nahrin Baghlan province. Material usage was based on local precedents, i.e. adobe walls with flat mud roofs. The cost for a two-room permanent shelter was USD 610, which is about half that of a winterised tent.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

"Afghanistan: The Response." Official Website of Shelter for Life International. http://www.shelter.org/countries/afghanistan.php?r=resp. [Accessed January 22, 2007]
Nahrin, Afghanistan
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