ARCH Conservation Microprojects
Marrakech, Morocco
An incremental, 'softer' approach towards conservation that foregrounds social needs. Within the historic medina, five 'micro-projects' were chosen for their urban qualities and their contribution to everyday life. They included a hammam, a public fountain, an ablutions complex, a marketplace (where all the vendors are women) and a covered souk. Their restoration was undertaken after consultation with the local community and proceeded on the basis of minimum intervention -- or maximum retention of the historic fabric, deploying traditional materials and crafts techniques.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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Eigeland,Tor. 2002. "Re-Greening Marrakech." Saudi Aramco World (July/August 2002), p. 28-33. Online at [Accessed January 5, 2006]

Official Website of ARCH (Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage) Foundation. [Accessed January 5, 2006]
Old City, Marrakech, Morocco
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conservation 2000
Ground floor area: 122 m²; combined floor area: 732 m²; total site area: 732 m²
Variant Names
ARCH Conservation Microprojects
Conservation Microprojects of ARCH (Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage) Foundation
Cherb ou Chouf (Shrob ou Shouf) Fountain Restoration
Building Usages
area conservation
urban design and development
area conservation
restoration and conservation
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