ARCH Conservation Microprojects
Marrakech, Morocco
An incremental, 'softer' approach towards conservation that foregrounds social needs. Within the historic medina, five 'micro-projects' were chosen for their urban qualities and their contribution to everyday life. They included a hammam, a public fountain, an ablutions complex, a marketplace (where all the vendors are women) and a covered souk. Their restoration was undertaken after consultation with the local community and proceeded on the basis of minimum intervention -- or maximum retention of the historic fabric, deploying traditional materials and crafts techniques.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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Eigeland,Tor. 2002. "Re-Greening Marrakech." Saudi Aramco World (July/August 2002), p. 28-33. Online at [Accessed January 5, 2006]

Official Website of ARCH (Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage) Foundation. [Accessed January 5, 2006]
Old City, Marrakech, Morocco
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conservation 2000
Ground floor area: 122 m²; combined floor area: 732 m²; total site area: 732 m²
Variant Names
Conservation Microprojects of ARCH (Art Restoration and Cultural Heritage) Foundation
Cherb ou Chouf (Shrob ou Shouf) Fountain Restoration
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urban design and development
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