Bayt Kibba
Aleppo, Syria
The Kibba House is a historic residential building in the Judayda (Jdeideh) neighborhood of Aleppo. According to an inscription on its polychrome woodwork ornament, the house was built for Fath-Allah Kibba in 1718/1130 AH.

The house is centered on a courtyard with a fountain and rectangular pool. An iwan opens onto the courtyard, and its entrance is marked with a decorative stone pavement. Staircases from the courtyard give access to the house's second story, which includes a roof terrace overlooking the courtyard.


Alafandi, Rami and Asiah Abdul Rahim. "The Destruction and Reconstruction of Aleppine 'Ajami Rooms of Jdaydeh's Houses." Humanities and Social Sciences Review 6 (2017): 47-62.

Aleppo, Syria
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1718/1130 AH
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بيت كبة
Bayt Kibbah
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