Khwajah Aksha Wali Ziyarat
Balkh, Afghanistan
The shrine bearing the name Khwajah Aksha or Akashah at Balkh commemorate 'Ukasha ibn Muhsin al-Asadi, a companion of the Prophet. A shrine dedicated to this figure is mentioned as early as the fourteenth/eighth century AH, but the ruins as they stand suggested to Golombek and Wilbur a date of the late fifteenth/ninth century AH for the current manifestation of the building.

The shrine is located inside the ancient city walls, near their northeastern corner, to the northeast of the new city and to the north of Tepe Zargaran. The building consists of two domed chambers aligned axially and fronted by an arch. 


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Balkh, Afghanistan
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late 15th/9th c. AH
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Variant Names
خواجه اكشا ولي زيارت
Khwajah Aksha Wali Shrine
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