Turba Aqqush al-Najibi
Damascus, Syria
Amir Jamal al-Din Aqqush an-Najibi governed Damascus from 1261 to 1271 (660 - 670 A.H.) under Mamluk Sultan Baybars I and died in Cairo in 1278 (677 A.H.). His tomb chamber is the only remaining section of his funerary madrasa, completed after his death in 1279 (677). The tomb adjoins the northern wall of the entry vestibule to Nur al-Din al-Zangi's Madrasa-Mausoleum. Its cross-shaped burial chamber is crowned by a highly detailed muqarnas vault that imitates at a smaller scale the vault of the Zangid mausoleum built in 1167.


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Damascus, Syria
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1279/677 AH
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Turbat Aqqush al-Najibi
Turbat al-Amir Jamal al-Din Aqqush
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