Dar Naouar Vacation Village
Gamart, Tunisia
The village is divided into three distinct parts: the sports, residential, and entertainment areas, respectively laid out from south to north. The residential units are arranged around 16 patios; eight ground-floor rooms and eight first-floor rooms give onto each of the 16 patios. This simple layout enabled the distribution of 1200 beds over 120x120 m2 area. The rooms do not have a direct view of the Mediterranean, essentially because of the necessity to protect them against prevailing winds. The amphitheatre, placed at the northern tip of the site and integrated to the dunes also serves as a wind shield. The monotony of the buildings is further broken by the great care devoted to landscaping and vegetation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Gamart, Tunisia
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Dar Naouar Vacation Village
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vacation village/resort