Sayyed Mohammad Astana Restoration
Khaplu, Pakistan
Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

The restoration of the 300-year old mausoleum of Syed Mir Muhammad returns an important architectural and community landmark to its former prominence in the northern Pakistan highland settlement of Khaplu. The building’s aged patina and historic character have been carefully retained through skillful and sensitive conservation techniques. The meticulous documentation and low-intervention approach in stabilizing the building and repairing deteriorated parts demonstrate respect and maximum retention of the original building fabric. A modest approach using local materials and construction techniques ensures that the restoration work is carried out in accordance with vernacular architectural practices, and can be maintained sustainably under the stewardship of the local villagers. In seeking to revive local building crafts as part of the overall conservation agenda, the project demonstrates how heritage preservation can become a catalyst for local economic development. 

Source: Citation from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Khaplu, Pakistan
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restored 2000s
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Sayyid Muhammad Astana
Sayed Mohamed Shrine
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