Karvansara-i Ganj 'Ali Khan
Kerman, Iran
The caravanserai is located on the east side of the Ganj-i Ali Khan Square. Its portal bears a foundation inscription from 1598/1007 AH composed by calligrapher Ali-Riza Abbasi. Its architect was Ustadh Muhammad Yazdi.

The plan of the caravanserai is based on the four-iwan typology, with double-story halls centered on tall iwans enveloping four sides of an open courtyard. There is an octagonal fountain at the center of the courtyard which is chamfered at the corners. The caravanserai measures thirty-one and a half by twenty-three meters. It has a small domed mosque at one corner that measures five and a half by five meters.


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Kerman, Iran
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1598/1006-1007 AH
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کاروان سرای گنج علی خان
Karvansara-yi Ganj Ali Khan
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