Human Resources Development Institute
Jubayl, Saudi Arabia
The complex, made up of independent units, is arranged in a V-shape, at the tip of which lies the main axial entrance leading to the central building. The other individual units are designed on radial ground plans and separated according to their functions. These include:
- education and training (with workshops and classrooms);
- central functions (administration offices);
- residential area (comprising 16 buildings with dormitories, parkings and shops);
- sport and recreation (with a swimming pool, tennis, and basketball courts); and
- supporting functions (with a central store and a repair workshop).
The complex units are articulated by a network of shaded footpaths laid out in a grid-like fashion. Tent-like structures supported on steel ropes provide additional shaded and protected spaces.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jubayl, Saudi Arabia
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