Pakhta Furushi Madrasa Restoration
Kabul, Afghanistan
Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme
The Pakhta Furushi madrasa is located behind one of the largest community mosques in the old city of Kabul, which dates from the turn of the century, and takes its name from the adjacent cotton bazaar. Comprising a range of spaces ranged around a large courtyard, the 52 brick domes -- an unusual building technique in Kabul -- of the madrasa had nearly all collapsed when the complex was surveyed in 2003. An agreement was signed in 2005 with the Ministry of Haj & Awqaf for its restoration, with the intention that it should serve as an Early Childhood Centre for the population of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Asheqan wa Arefan Neighborhood, Kabul, Afghanistan
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late 19th c., restored 2005-
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Pakhta Furushi Madrasa Restoration
Pakhta Feroshi Madrasa (Pakhta-Feroshi
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