al-Jami'a al-Mustansiriyya
Baghdad, Iraq
Mustansiriyya University is a major public institute of higher education in Baghdad. The university was founded in 1963 and moved to its current campus, located on Palestine Street, in 1968. The campus plan was designed by an international team with Iraqi architect Qahtan al-'Awni at the head of the project. The campus features a series of buildings wrapped around fluid exterior spaces, including courtyards and landscaped paths. The use of local materials such as baked brick and tiles, as well as the use of architectural forms like the pointed arch, the pishtaq, and the arcade recall the history of Mesopotamian architecture, from Babylonian to Islamic times.


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Baghdad, Iraq
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الجامعة المستنصرية
Jami'a al-Mustansiriyya
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