R.E.D. Apartment Building
Rabat, Morocco
This building comprises:
- two studios for R.E.D. guests on the ground floor;
- five, two-bedroom flats with a kitchen and sitting room;
- three, two-bedroom flats with a kitchen and double sitting room; and
- a garage in the basement.
This free-standing, four-storey high construction has a rectangular ground plan. The core of the building is occupied by an entrance hall and staircase, on either side of which the flats are laid out. The structure is of reinforced concrete with hollow tile flooring and burnt clay brick infill. Renderings are of floated cement and paint. The entrance door and gabled eaves are covered with ceramic tiles. All the materials were produced locally, and the 30% skilled labour was entirely local.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Rabat, Morocco
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R.E.D. Apartment Building
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apartment building