Grindlays Bank
Islamabad, Pakistan
The bank is located on a flat, rectangular site, in the diplomatic district of Islamabad. The two-storey high building comprises of a basement, a ground floor with a mezzanine level, and the first floor. As the resulting spaces would have exceeded the bank's immediate needs, it was decided to design the mezzanine and first floor so that they could be rented out independently:
- the basement includes dining rooms for the staff, a kitchen, a record room and toilets;
- the ground floor is occupied by the two-level high banking hall, a large, open plan space for offices, offices for the manager and secretary, a cashier office and a van entrance;
- the mezzanine floor consists of a large open plan space for offices, a small kitchen and toilets;
- the first floor comprises of a flat, occupying one half of the floor space.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Islamabad, Pakistan
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