Oxford University Press Head Office Building
Karachi, Pakistan
The headquarters of OUP in Pakistan incorporates all modern services, such as air-conditioning, lighting and communications, yet is resolutely a 'Karachi building' in its exploitation of indigenous materials and techniques. The cladding is of hand-carved sandstone, the main door is of embossed copper and brass, the ceilings are painted with 'naqqashi' designs, the circulation spaces have glazed tile dados. The MD's secretariat and distribution department are on the ground floor; design, production, marketing, IT and editorial departments on the first and second floors, and dining facilities on the third floor. The top floor is available for future expansion.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Karachi, Pakistan
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Ground floor area: 808 m²; combined floor area: 6,641 m²; total site area: 6,641 m²
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