Marché Central (Ndjamena)
Ndjamena, Chad
N'Djamena's central market is enclosed by a shopping arcade fashioned in the style of medieval ramparts, complete with watchtowers. Within the enclosure lies the market proper, with 1'700 stalls and shops and supporting services such as showers, latrines and a kiosk selling water. Outside the walls, the northern part of the site is occupied by a semicircular public space centred around a monolithic sculpture - a place for people to gather next to the Great Mosque. The post-and-beam structure is clad with prefabricated concrete panels.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ndjamena, Chad
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Ground floor area: 22,000 m²; combined floor area: 15,000 m²; total site area: 24,000 m²
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Central Market
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