Hala Sultan Tekke Complex Rehabilitation
Larnaca, Cyprus
The United Nations sponsors a development programme that aims to promote the peace-building process in Cyprus by encouraging Greek and Turkish Cypriots to work together in the implementation of projects in areas of special concern. This is one such project - a bi-communal restoration of a Muslim shrine in the Greek Cypriot south, undertaken in parallel with the restoration of a Christian monastery in the Turkish Cypriot north. The Hala Sultan complex contains a small mosque, 13 x 13 metres, and a square mausoleum covered by a dome. There are two ancillary buildings that serve as guest houses for men and women.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Larnaca, Cyprus
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Ground floor area: 1,220 m²; combined floor area: 1,224 m²; total site area: 63,000 m²
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