Any Yahya Residence
Jakarta, Indonesia
Here the architect wanted to make a house that was responsive to the tropical climate without being 'trapped by traditional morphology.' The building mass is divided into two parts: the owner's quarters and the service area. Most of the partitions on the ground floor are moveable, creating flexible spaces for both social gatherings and private functions such as living room, dining room and pantry. On the first floor the walls of the bedrooms and bathrooms are equipped with a semi-transparent glass louvre that allows airflow and natural light to be precisely controlled. This is a post-and-beam structure with brick infill walls.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Ground floor area: 180 m²; combined floor area: 355 m²; total site area: 576 m²
Variant Names
Any Yahya Residence
Building Usages
private residence